Compound coin Auto staking protocol

The only Sustainable
Decentralized Auto Staking &
Auto compounding protocol

1000$ invested will get you around 3,500,000$ on 350,000% APY at the end of year

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How it Works

Auto compounding

With a fixed APY of 350,000% , the price and rewards support systems and the holding incentives. Compound protocol guarantees a long-term profitability. Users can enjoy a much longer life cycle as we got compound insurance fund to revive the chart and maintain sustainability in case of dump. Instant rewards every 30 mins/ 48 times a day.

Compound sustainable fund

CSF fills in as a protection asset to accomplish cost security and longterm manageability of the Compound Protocol by keeping a steady 0.02355% rebase rate paid to all $CProtocol token holders.

Compound treasury fund

The Treasury offers help to the CSF in case of an outrageous cost drop in the $CProtocol token. The Treasury likewise finances ventures, new tasks and promoting Compound coin

The Fire Pit

3% of all $Cprotocol transactions are singed in the Fire Pit. The more that is exchanged, the more get placed into the fire causing the fire pit to fill in size lessening the flowing stock and keeping the compound convention stable and sustain.

Auto Liquidity System

4% on buys & 5% on sells Fees goes straight to Liquidity, ensuring increased collateral value.



Our Tokenomics

Ensuring safety of holders:

. 350,000% Apy annually . Greatly reducing dowside Risk